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Exploring Hope for Osteogenesis Imperfecta Patients: A Journey into Homeopathic Treatment

In a quaint town in Canada, I recently had the privilege of meeting a remarkable young girl named Smeet. At just 12 years old, she displayed an extraordinary level of determination and wore a radiant smile on her face. It was during our conversation that I learned she was coping with a rare condition known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), often referred to as “brittle bone disease.” This encounter left me deeply moved, prompting me to delve into the world of OI and potential treatment options.

The Face of Resilience

As I inquired about her aspirations, Smeet, with unwavering optimism, expressed her dream of becoming a dancer. Her resilience in the face of adversity was awe-inspiring, and I couldn’t help but wish her the very best on her journey. However, my research later that day revealed a disheartening reality – there seemed to be a scarcity of articles offering hope for OI patients. The internet was devoid of information regarding a cure for this debilitating condition.

A Glimmer of Hope: Homeopathic Approaches

Determined to explore every possible avenue, I decided to investigate the realm of homeopathic treatments. It was during this search that I discovered articles detailing a homeopathic approach to managing Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

Intrigued by the possibilities, I decided to reach out with a series of questions. These questions were not only fueled by my curiosity but also by a desire to help Smeet, whose family’s financial capabilities remained uncertain, especially with the limitations of the Canadian Health card in a foreign medical landscape.

Compassionate Responses

The responses to my inquiries were nothing short of heartwarming and reassuring. Practitioners displayed a commitment to the well-being of OI patients and offered insights into the following:

  1. Cost of Treatment: Practitioners graciously offered to provide the treatment free of charge, emphasizing that their primary focus was on service rather than monetary gain. Their compassion was evident.
  2. Success Stories: Practitioners had encountered numerous OI cases, with many showing remarkable improvement. This impressive track record was a testament to the effectiveness of their approach.
  3. Frequency of Visits: Practitioners offered practical solutions by suggesting remote evaluation based on videos, photographs, diagnostic reports, and detailed family histories. This approach aimed to minimize the need for costly international visits.
  4. Building Trust: Practitioners willingly agreed to share their research, emphasizing that trust in homeopathy did not require belief but rather an understanding of its efficacy. They highlighted that even animals had benefited from homeopathic treatments, underscoring its credibility.

A Beacon of Hope

My encounter with Smeet, a young girl brimming with hope and resilience, led me on a journey into the realm of homeopathic treatment for Osteogenesis Imperfecta. The compassionate and informative responses to my inquiries provided a beacon of hope not only for Smeet but for all OI patients and their families. As we look toward the future, I am confident that Smeet’s dream of becoming a dancer will become a reality. With dedicated professionals offering their expertise and unwavering support, we can hold onto the belief that brighter days lie ahead for those battling Osteogenesis Imperfecta.


Dyslipidemia A Simple Lifestyle Disease??

This hard-working 52-year-old business men consulted me 2 weeks back. He was suffering from the worst form of dyslipidemia since 2009. He was under Modern medicine for the last 6 years but his TGL never touched normal. His father died of MI who was also suffering from high TGL and was not yielding to Modern Medicine. So he was a little bit sad and depressed. His business kingdom stretches from Trivandrum to UAE. He himself made it happen because of his hard work and passion to reach at top. He is an emperor in his business fold. He even supplies parts of aircraft. Though he cannot prepare parts of aircraft he becomes a dealer of aircraft parts. It was his ambition to do the business of aircraft! Now he is dreaming about an aircraft company like Boing!! This highly ambitious man asked me questions one after another and I could understand that he didn’t need an answer from me.

He was asking like why My TGL has not come down even after years of treatment. Is it caused MI just as my father suffered? Why it is not coming down even after doing exercise and even after strict diet control? Which medicine you are giving for Cholesterol? Is there any specific medicine for TGL? How could I depend on Homoeopathy if a cardiac problem develops in the future? Likewise, he was asking questions one after another. I couldn’t get an opportunity to answer because I could get his medicine from this behavior.

He was advised for a blood test LP (a) to diagnose the familial tendency. A highly ambitious man who is really a self-maid man wants to become a business man of doing aircraft business and achieved it by his hard work still want to manufacture aircraft parts who is asking questions one after another is nothing but our GOLD. He was given Aur Met 1M only a single dose and BT for 2 weeks.

He reached exactly after 2 weeks with a normal TGL result, first time he got since 2009. As TGL came down he didn’t go for LP (a) thus I lost a chance of a precise diagnosis. It may be called as a self-limiting disease by modern medical men but the confidence on the victory over the system which can’t even manage a self-limiting disease is unlimited.


Sahyasagaram 5

Hi സഹ്യൻസ്,

കാത്തിരിപ്പിനൊടുവിൽ രജിസ്ട്രഷേൻ form വന്നിരിക്കുകയാണ് സൂർത്തുക്കളെ…..വന്നിരിക്കുകയാണ്. ഇതാണ് രജിസ്ട്രഷേൻ form.

Sahyasagaram 2 was held on January 14th 2018 at Bolgatty Palace, Kochi